Denise is a certified Life Coach, the author of The Mindful Gardener and host of the online course, Awaken to Joy.  Using her experience gained from a series of personal tragedy and loss, a six month stay at a Buddhist community and a year-long solo retreat to a cabin on the Buffalo River in West Tennessee, Denise has found purpose and fulfillment helping others via her book, online courses, coaching, retreats and speaking engagements. 


Short Bio 

If you take a quick overview of my life, you might conclude that one doesn’t have to die in order to be reincarnated. Throughout the past three  decades, I’ve been a farmer, raising corn, beans, horses, cattle, pigs and chickens on a 1,000 acre farm in west central Illinois; a journalist, writing for regional magazines and newspapers; a radio talk show host; a marketing executive and owner of her own advertising agency; a tour operator, escorting little old ladies on bus tours throughout the Midwest; a scuba dive master working on a dive boat in Jupiter, Florida; a software entrepreneur and my  most important job, a mother rearing my son, Joe (who, with his wife, Erin, has blessed her with three beautiful grandchildren), daughter, Kate, a diversity and human rights advocate, a photographer/ artist and gallery curator. My debut novella, The Mindful Gardener, draws on my  vast and varied experiences along my journey filtered through a healthy blend of Christian, New Thought, and Buddhist teachings.


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